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Xinclair Levels Up With " i been"

Here we have Xinclair from Arizona, I have been listening to him for quite some time now. He has been getting large traction from quite a few songs he has dropped in the past such as his song with Gun Boi Kaz "Numb III", "I don't wanna fall in love", and his single that picked up in gaming a while back "Missed Calls".

In 2021, Xinclair has been on a role. He has been dropping heavy this year with multiple singles like; Down 2 Ride, Goodbye, Jaws!, and SWITCH. Now let's talk about his new single he just dropped today and, honestly my favorite song by Xinclair.

This new single brings a soft guitar starting us off, has he brings in his vocals quietly from the background. Then bringing you through the pain he is feeling over this person. The damage it has done to him. You can try your hardest and some people don't give you the chance we all deserve. This is something so many people reading this article can feel. Songs like people may think it is " repetitive" but I don't think people realize how important these songs are to people. Some people feel alone and these types of songs help them get through.

Always think outside of the box, if something may be repetitive in sound sometimes it has a deeper meaning, I love what you did with this track Xinclair keep pushing and everyone go stream "I been" on all platforms as Xinclair continues to grow as an independent artist!

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