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Weekly Finds: July 5th - 11th

We got the first article of our weekly finds, every Sunday we will have an article like this where I go over the top 5 every week. The 5 songs will also be added to a playlist you can finding clicking here. Every week I wanna add a little kick to end off your week, these 5 songs will typically be the 5 that stood out to me the most on my hunt for new music.

We got our first artist of the weekly search being LEW. This Oakland artist comes clean with this R&B hit, with only being at 600 monthly listeners he will shock everyone who gives him a shot. With his dedication to his music he already has 2 singles and an EP out in 2021, click the photo to check out this vibe.

Now I'll be honest, I was never a huge fan of Glaive. I say this because I want my write-ups to be 100% honesty. But recently with this song and a few of his new singles with Eric have changed my opinion on him as these two crushed this single. This duo is going to take over the new genre.

We got another summer single with Nvsh and Cxldface. This being the first single they have jumped on together they crushed every second of this. With Cxldface recently hitting his first million viewed song, and Nvsh on the rise with every single he drops. These were two artists that work perfectly with each other.

Now we got Moe Young this artist who is under the hand of Jonathan Hicks for quite some time now, he has been releasing these beautiful R&B songs. With a voice of an angel, Moe Young has been climbing recently across all platforms. With his recent single that gained large traction with Lil Spirit keep a lookout for Moe.

A new artist I recently found Baby Jo. He was actually the first article ever on this site. Like I mentioned in his article I came across Moonwalkin' I dove into his discography and he doesn't have a song I don't enjoy. Click shuffle on his Spotify and enjoy. Make sure to read his article to learn more about this talented artist.

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