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Weekly Finds: July 26th - August 1st

As mentioned in a previous article this week, (click here to read) we dug a little bit deeper into this Canadian artist. As a lot of love has been shown very quickly to 404vincent's new song across the multiple placements in editorial playlists on Spotify it will be hard to not hear this song soon enough. If you want a soothing summer drive, turn this song on repeat and you will not regret it.

Another artist you may have read about as we also covered his new single this week on the blog. If you want to learn a little more about him Click Here. Make sure to listen to this new single as he will drag you into a new dimension as he makes you believe that life is a simulation.

Now we have a new Baby Jo track, an artist who has been on this blog a few times before. We are brought with another melodic song and this is a sweet spot for me. This type of music is so easy to vibe too especially the flow Baby Jo brings to each track, it's hard to say no to for me. As he is consistently dropping you won't want to miss out on his adventure.

Here we have a hyper pop artist whose music I have fallen in love with. Each single /ep he has put out is pure art. He song he puts out you can understand the time and effort he puts into each song. An artist I have come across recently, actually has a new EP which is out called "eel" this was one of my favorite singles but you must check out his EP if you are a fan of this.

Curly J has been making moves recently, having one of his best songs drop in my opinion only a month back "One of the Best" then releases this single which again isn't a miss, he goes back to back after the explosion of his music video "No Hoodie". Every time this artist drops it's a new achievement, Curly J always has something going on and isn't slowing down.

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