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Weekly Finds: July 19th - July 25th

We start off this weekly top 5 with an R&B vibe, with Alemeda and her song "Wish You The Worst" she has this being her first single released on all platforms and she kicks off to an amazing start. She doesn't hold back to show that the world needs to listen and if you don't give her the chance now. Soon you will be seeing her name across everywhere.

Now we have Cxldface, with his new single 2seater. He has also dropped a music video to go with it, having the video with such high energy. He keeps such a unique sound making you want to rage as the beat is thrown in your face. This artist's recent releases have been gaining him large traction as he just released his first million streamed songs on Soundcloud, his fans are rewarded with this.

Benny Mayne being a fan favorite for me, as I may be a little biased as he is a fellow Canadian artist he also carries so much talent through each single he drops. It seems that he comes with a new sound with the classic benny twist that his fans love. Every time I notice that Benny has dropped I'm always excited to see how he changes it up.

Ryan Hall has been an artist that has recently been on my radar as he is a self-produced artist which I always love as it gives the artist the capability to have an unlimited amount of room to grow. As he continues to grow I believe that this artist would combine so perfectly with Brakence, as he is starting to rise on his Tik Tok I feel like one day he will have that Brakence feature.

Here we are again with Nxrvous, as you may know, this artist from the recent Artist Profile we completed on him. I mentioned he was dropping this EP with Kodiak creating a bedroom pop vibe having this EP give people the oppourinty to vibe in all different environments, you can go for a drive on a warm summer day, on a rainy cold fall day or you could even go into the bedroom pop making you jump around your room.

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