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Weekly Finds: July 12th - July 18th

King OSF is an artist you may not have heard of yet, but he has joined the team of Joyner Lucas. When I came across this song and heard how he stretches his vocals at the very start of this song, got me hooked. Such a simple and basic thing I know. But how he blends it in a melodic hip-hop song hooked me. It got me wanting to follow his journey to see how he will grow in the next couple of years.

Now we got Mioskii, I came across this song when he submitted it to us through Soundcloud. This type of music is a blend of some of my favorite parts of music. It has a beautiful guitar melody, tagged along with subtle build-ups that make you want to go outside and get some warm weather, with the grainy vocals you hear in his mix. Then the mix from the hi-hats to snares down to the open hats. It was all well picked and blends nicely.

Ahhhh now Jay Kim, I'm happy to see him back. This artist is interesting to me because I came across him when he was known as Jay2thekim. When he had his song "BRB". Then when I heard his producing tag I knew it was the same guy, he has leveled up since the last time I heard him. That is my favorite part about JukBox, hearing the artist I came across a year ago and hearing the growth in the music.

Now let's get into some summer pop, this makes me wanna go to a beach (and I hate the beach, so that says something). I mean once those trumpets came in, he had me. If you can work in trumpets in a song, you got my attention. He doesn't keep them in too long and he has them in the perfect spots. Adding a little bit of spice to the production keep the audience on their toes. Drew you killed this one, keep it up and you'll be on the radio one day.

Now Boon, honestly probably one of my favorite artists out right now. When I first heard his song "I might like u" I had to find out right away if he self-produces. Once I found out that he does, that's when I fell in love with his music, how he blends the crunchy base along with some blues guitar, crossed with heavy headbanging drops. it's perfect. He is one of the most slept on artists I have come across and it's just a matter of time until people start to recognize his skill.

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