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Weekly Finds: August 2nd - 8th

This Atlanta artist is here to stay, while only being 15 if you check out this music video that just went live on the Deep Water Recordings. You will see the potential in this kid as he will have his entire school behind him so you either hear him now through his first music video and get on the train early. If not then you will see him on all hip-hop pages soon enough.

Every time the hook comes in on this song and I am in the car I could be having the worse day of my life but this hook brings light to a dark room. If you are a fan of the Pop-Punk vibe I highly recommend you check out John Harvie as you will become a fan within the first minute of this song.

An artist who has been rising FAST. Recently releasing a snippet with Taleban Dooda. He also has released a music video for this song recently. He has been growing on me as he has been proving he is able to flow on any melodic beat and is getting the attention he deserves because of it. A lot is about to happen with Mbk Pook so watch out!

With a groovy Lil Uzi type-beat, Merv jumps on this catchy bouncy flow. As he gained 50k streams over the time it's been released on Soundcloud. This 2-minute song keeps you hooked as nothing in the beat stays repetitive, he makes sure to make each second of the song something you want to stay and listen I always love a song with some good replay value, and Merv does this well

The production of this song got me hooked, when I heard the crunch of the drop it gave me a soft EDM touch mixed with the main course meal of Pop-Punk. This song has been growing these last few months and I feel like I fell behind when I found this song late. From the writing to the mix to the production I have nothing but positive things to say about Connor's song.

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