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"This Feels Right" Is The Mood With Masonn Deforest Right Now!

This feel-good 8 song EP has been on repeat recently. The 21-year-old Oregon artist has been doing this for 4 years now. As he has fallen in love with anything artistic putting his heart and soul into it. Some people use this as a method of showing new emotion to the world. Listening to this artist you might be able to picture some of his inspirations are. Like Chris Brown, Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and many others in this R&B realm. An artist that will soon be on the radar of all R&B lovers. Since he is starting to work with Platinum songwriters and Grammy-nominated producers. This will just be the start since everything is in his control, the ability to mix and master his singles. He has the strength of building a range of sounds, since the talent he has for singing. You will hear this artist hit all ranges of notes. Tables have turned ever since he has dropped this EP. It will keep the current and future listeners on their toes wanting more.

Written By: Max Lowe

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