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The Artist Taking the Internet by Storm “Louyah”

New Jersey based artist Louyah has been putting out music for over two years. While gaining just short of 10k followers on Instagram during this time. Unbeknownst to him, Louyah’s life was about to change. This past week Louyah posted a video to TikTok of his friends surprising him by getting his record “I used to care” on the radio! The video was really heartwarming, Louyah really has some true friends. The video went viral on TikTok, gaining millions of views. Louyah’s Instagram started to trend and soon enough every page was reposting this viral clip. Louyah jumped from 8k on Instagram to over 280k within 5 days. With great music, artists really can still blow up organically.

Louyah has been trying to catch his moment on social media for a while. He would frequently perform his music in the back of a truck, while his friends drove him around and upload it to his socials. Louyah really put in the effort and deserves everything coming to him.

Louyah really sings about what he is feeling and doesn’t hold back. His music is exuberating and leaves you feeling refreshed. Excited to see where Louyah takes himself in 2021.

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