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Rising Detroit Artist Caleb Peters Releases "Carousel Remix" feat. Devault

There is no denying that Detroit produces a lot of artists, but it's not everyday you discover a experimental pop/edm artist like Caleb Peters. The 18 year old has made an impact in the underground pop scene after going viral on TikTok with a cover he made of The Neighbourhood's "Sweater Weather", (View TikTok Here). Caleb showed the masses his talent by posting covers onto TikTok and he succeeded. The growth from TikTok got Caleb in front of a lot of eyes and helped launch his first record in 2019.

Caleb released "Carousel" over a year ago, the record saw life and gave listeners a good sense of Caleb's creative capability's. The remix with Devault really put an artistic spin of the record and proved that Caleb can flow between pop/edm music. The songs upbeat melody and catchy lyrics are the driving force of the songs vibe. There is no stopping Caleb Peter's, his confidence and charming personality will take him anywhere he wants.

Stream Caleb Peters "Carousel Remix" feat. Devault Below.

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