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Nxrvous Continues His Spree With Purppxmi on"Stand"

We have heard a lot on this platform about Nxrvous but we haven't brought much attention to the artist Purppxmi who brought Nxrvous back into his similar vibes like "LOCK" or "I Need You" This brings out the more emotional music by this artist as Purppxmi is on the more Sad Rap sub-genres. This gives us ready to dive into the months of the Melodic and more R&B side of the music realm. Purppxmi received a larger audience after he released his song You and I which gained him the love that song deserved. Now he dives back into the Independent, a song like this deserves a similar amount of love. These two joined forces perfectly and their vocals blended as a beautiful duo. This has been a big year for both these artists for releases. Getting ready to set themself up for 2022. Let us see how these two wraps up the end of the year.

Written By: Max Lowe

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