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Nicotine Will Turn Gun Boi Kaz Into A STAR!

Well.... where do I start? This Artist is new to this blog. Let me break him down a little bit, that way you have a better understanding of who Gun Boi Kaz is. This Connecticut artist is currently managed under the afterparty project. Which he has done collaboration singles with this platform such as "SWITCH" and "Walked Away". You may have also seen Kaz on your Tik Tok feed which he has gained a large amount of traction, as he is at 500,000 followers as he does these skits of songs from his fans, who then give him an idea they would like him to create a song about. This is actually where Nicotine came from. He has been shown a huge amount of love from the skit he made for this. He had to finish the song. Then when he dropped it, it was one of the fastest-growing starts he had on his songs.

Now let's get into why I say this song will turn him into a star. If you dig into his older music he always had good music. But I find with his older music it was nothing different from what people were making and then he dropped 9teen. Which in my opinion was a turning point for this artist. As he went on a spree of dropping hit after hit. Now we have Nicotine, a song wherein this music video you can clearly see the energy he brings.

When he starts getting into live performances he will be bringing this energy to his show and you will not want to miss it. His music video is being directed @shotitbyjonny. Down to the detail, I loved everything he did, from the hue to the color scheme. I can not wait until Kaz and his team is at the top where they deserve to be. Make sure to go show love on his music video below!

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