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LocateEmillio Self-Produces His New Sound "Simulate"

A new artist to the blog but not new to JukBox if you have been around. This artist has always been a crowd favorite for us all. As he continues to show self-improvement with each new single. An artist from the San Francisco area who has constantly been on our radar as he has a unique flow to each one of his songs this one was just different. The self-production was a good touch, he drags you through a portal into a new simulation.

This may not be a song for everyone yes, it won't be a song that will be played on the radio and brought to the billboards. but this Is a song if you appreciate music as a whole you will see all the little details in this single. Keeping a melodic touch through a majority of the song we end with a spice. Keep his fans on their toes making sure you don't hear the same Locate each time. You never know what style his next drop will be.

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