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LilSaku is Poised to Invade Your Playlists

I first discovered LilSaku when I joined the JukBox team and since then she has been a staple of all my playlists. LilSaku is a Canadian artist from Vancouver, Canada who has shown her versatility across most subgenres of pop. Bursting onto the scene a few years ago with their cover of Lil Peep's song "walk away as the door slams". Now garnering over 18k streams on Soundcloud.

Following it up with a indie pop EP with "Dystopia" she had their chance to prove that she is worth so much more than a cover artist. Showcased perfectly with her amazing vocals on songs such as, "Stars" and "Some Days" which are perfect late night vibes. Then LilSaku gave us a tease of some much more energetic music with, "Leave U on Read" they had the perfect set up to start to branch out into different subgenres.

Whether it was her Indie vibes with songs like, "catch me" and "univited" featuring wethher or LilSaku's collab with J. Cast on "dreaming" she was growing more and more followers and recognition. Starting to delve into the hyperpop genre with their single, "for the best" with polaven, she had really found her niche. It left me wondering what she could do next and what we got was phenomenal in "I don't like you" little did we know there was more.

With her project "Vertigo" she dived fully into it blending her gorgeous vocals along side the unique sound of her take on the hyperpop genre into something truly special. Get ready to see a lot more of LilSaku in the future as she makes more people fall in love with her sound, personally I can't wait to see where this takes her.

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