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lael continues to build her album with "my life is boring"

I can't be the only one hyped about every lael drop that comes out. A lot of people were 50/50 about her switching to an artist. But you can even see the genuine happiness she has now from her music. It isn't put on as a show, or fake to make the listeners happy. She does enjoy making music, even if people don't want to support it because it's "different" she won't stop making music. After all, this is her passion and lael don't ever stop making music, you are a crazy talented artist and many people in this crazy world will love what you are doing.

This music video was a cool idea, It made me think about the whole "Me, Myself and I" As we all have our introvert side where we do just want it to be us and no one else. The video plays with the song being called my life is boring, keeping the music video simple and showing that it's just her out in the crazy world, which makes me wonder how many friends she has who is supporting her which is sad to say because this artist deserves the support, just because she made a jump to a new scene why does that change who she is? All I know is lael is a crazy talented artist and soon she will be in the charts.

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