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iivrson Drops A Contender For Music Video Of The Year "Morphine + Ms"

A fan favorite off his recent project "Behind The Hunger"iivrson brings us on a trip through the city of New York as he creates this graphite visualizer. But with the transition and the editing of this video, this has to be the most complex and eye-popping visualizer. As he has this new sound which right now people may not appreciate what iirvson is doing. As it is ahead of the time right now just like when Hyper Pop first came out people never thought it was going to pop off as it did. But then we have had artists like Glaive, Eric Doa, and Syko coming up in the scene.

I think what iirvson is starting here is a whole new sub-genre with a combination of these new genres coming into the music industry, mixing it with rage-type beats and hyper pop vocals. This is a must-watch music video and if you somehow have not listened to his album 'Behind The Hunger" stop missing out and check it out!

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