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heylog Leveling Up With "evolve"

I will say this, a lot of the sad boy music got boring for me. Until I listened to a mix of hyper pop / sad boy vibes. This mixed up the whole sound, as he does not just have this sad vibe he makes sure to mix it up as he has features will people similar to sewerperson and other upcoming hyper pop artists but this has to be one of my favorite under-appreciated artists recently. I was always a fan of heylog before as I first came across "I'm glad we broke up" then this song came out a couple of weeks back and when this 808 pattern makes your head spin with headphones on, you will understand what I mean.

This song makes me feel so many emotions, at first, it makes me think about everything I use to or currently get upset at, then it gets me angry. That is something I love and will forever love about music because when the artist is dedicated and 100% into their own music you can feel every bit of emotion they had during the making of each song.

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