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Fresh Find: New Georgia Artist Baby Jo Needs To Be Heard!

Well, we are live! The first article on the official JukBox website. It's been a journey this last year. If you are an OG JukBox follower you might recognize this website. But now we are here to stay! I wanted to start this website with something strong. So let's dive into Baby Jo. I discovered this artist about a week about when I came across his single "Moonwalkin'". This is an artist that is honestly right up my alley for the music I listen to; As I hear the melodic vibe blended with the layered vocals from Baby Jo across the song. He hits this perfectly with a beautiful flow making me have the song on repeat for days. This being the main reason why I put him on the cover for our weekly playlist.

Keeping this song at a perfect length of 2 minutes and 25 seconds, made us want to dive even deeper into his music, seeing if it was just the one or if this got something. Let me tell you, this guy will be a star. I came across his next song hitting some Rod Wave vibes with "You". Baby Jo is a perfect example of an artist who has everything it takes to become something, it's just a matter of time when he will make it.

I hope this article can reach out to some people and put you guys onto a star! I wanna make these articles more of a personal touch from me to the artists following the journey of JukBox. I don't want these to be basic articles. I want them to be special to the artist. Keep working hard Baby Jo you gonna go far.

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