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Dom Vallie Continues To Prove His Talent With ON & ON

Always love writing about a fellow Canadian, as Dom is from the Kitchener Ontario area. He recently has been moving onto bigger and better things recently. As you may have seen if he has come upon your Tik Tok feed, he has been enjoying the LA life while leveling up his game in all cylinders when it is coming to his music and the energy he brings to every single. This artist has continued to prove he deserves the love and attention he gets.

As his recent single just hit 1,000,000 streams he continues to ride the wave of his fans on all social media as it seems every time he drops a snippet people go crazy for it. For example, his one single Tell Me Please, was the single that made me wanna dig deeper into his discography and noticed how much I have slept on this artist. Now that I have finally woken up about Dom, you will be hearing a lot more about this talented artist on JukBox.

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