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"Chicago's Finest" Lil Moe 6Blocka & Rooga Synch up Together to Create "Scrappers"

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I first discovered Lil Moe 6Blocka and Rooga from their music video "Scrappers" shot by Billy Kauck. From then I have followed the fast growing Chicagoans. I knew there was something special the first time I heard Lil Moe really rap about what he was living. Jumping off the porch at age 11, Lil Moe has truly persevered through life and has made a career for himself.

Lil Moe and Rooga came from similar backgrounds and Rooga is a veteran of the scene, a community activist who’s lost too many friends to gun violence to sit back any longer. Lil Moe looks up to Rooga as a mentor. The two truly care about Chicago and are tired of seeing loved ones die from gun violence. Seeing a close friend die ain't fucking cool. Lil Moe and Rooga rap about being raised in the streets and coming from nothing to something. The two are using music to speak their feelings and voice what needs to be spread to the youth. In an interview with 16ShotEm Visualz, Lil Moe talks about how he hasn't gone to school since 7th grade. Kids in 7th grade should be having fun and enjoying life; Moe had to grow up fast and he found family in the community he had around him. He said in the interview that he plans to finish his schooling, "When he is ready". The 16 year old is genuinely taking care of himself and the people around him.

Taking a listen to "SCRAPPERS", the project was well crafted together and has very unique production aspects. "SCRAPPERS" features over 10 producers, making each song stand out from the other. My favorite record off the album was "Bali", the production was a mix of drill and has west coast elements which really resonates with me. Lil Moe and Rooga show their diverse flows on "No Love", the songs' instrumental features an infectious electric guitar that Rooga rides over.

The project Scrappers is a powerful testament to the importance of mentorship and features a blend of stirring drill beats, ear worming melodies, and an easy rapport that demonstrates the strength of their connection.

I am excited to see what Lil Moe 6Blocka and Rooga cook up next. The two are definitely artists to watch in 2021.

Listen to "Scrappers" below.

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