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BabySantana Taps In With Slump6 For New Antisocial Music Video

As we have heard a lot about these 2 young artists, BabySanata doesn't lift off the gas after having his first performance this year at Rolling Loud. He keeps the energy with this new music video from his single "Antisocial" that sparked this whole scene of "rage". This single has reached over 25 million streams. These 2 artists have grown a huge fan base over the last few months making this music video are very well wanted drop. Over generations in the music industry artists have always started from a young age and grown into their career as they get older. But recently it seems with the power of social media, these artists are becoming stars at a very young age. Now that they have planted their feet and taken over the genre. It will be very interesting to see how they continue to grow and where they take their sound. Since the new rage genre has just recently sparked. No one has seen an artist step out of this and try to go a different direction.

The direction of this music video from dotcomnirvan was a perfect fit for the song since this niche seems very into the AMV/Anime look. In the in and out scenes these two artists as samurai warriors and the anime graphics made this music video blend so well with the character traits of these young stars. I can't wait to see what happens with their careers in a couple of years.

Written By: Max Lowe

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