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I have written about this artist before, but if you are still living under a rock and didn't check him out. This is AUNDREY GUILLAUME. An artist many people may not know a lot about as he hasn't released a crazy amount of singles/Ep's. This artist used to have a few projects dropped but it seems like he hit the reset button. He wanted to do it off a fresh start, with a single and a music video. This is another talented artist that likes to keep it independent when it comes to his music. Mixing/mastering and producing the track himself, he makes sure to make it unique and it is always like a breath of fresh air. He seems like the birth of Kendrick Lamar and I have a feeling this is an artist that will give the lovers of the older 2000's Hip Hop a fresh take on the music rising to this day. With this music video, it made you feel the music a little more, keeping it to a black and white, with the feeling that it is a short film. From the music I heard before he took it off stores, we have something special coming.

Written By: Max Lowe

Click Below To Watch "ANTI"

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