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Artist Profile - SyKo

As someone who has been following the Hyperpop community, when I was shown SyKo I just knew he was going to blow. Hailing from Texas they have been making beats since he were 14 years old, carrying on the trend of artists starting from such a young age. SyKo's production style is what makes him stand out from the sea of artists out there.

Now being 20 they have shown that he's on the precipice of greatness. His hit single, "#BrooklynBloodPop!" now over 61 million streams on Spotify and 4.7 million on Soundcloud, showcasing how easily he can engross his audience with his groovy beats and catchy hooks.

The song went viral across Tik Tok with it becoming a trend, garnering over 940,000 videos alone, which made it hard to avoid hearing the song at least once. Recently SyKo released a new single alongside Miguel Angeles, in which their styles blend together perfectly for a song that will have you falling in love with Hyperpop.

SyKo is part of the new age of artists who are taking the internet by storm and who will help solidify Hyperpop in the mainstream community. So dont expect to forget the name SyKo anytime soon.

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