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Artist Profile: Saint Montana

We are back at it with another Artist Profile, here we have an artist who has the sky as his limit. This 15-year-old artist based in the UK is ready to take over the world. I have never come across an artist who wants this more. He always wants to work to improve, if he doesn't work on something each day involving music he gets disappointed in himself. You can see this with his Tik Tok, he always has something. Each day he puts out new content.

One thing I find interesting about this artist is within the comments on his Tik Tok, you will see some people commenting saying he is a "rapper". Some people will say he is a pop artist, which is interesting because you can't put this artist in a certain genre. Having the artists he looks up to being Dro Kenji, Kid Laroi, Justin Bieber. He doesn't want to be set to one genre, he wants to prove that he can do it all. That is why I say the sky is the limit for this artist.

Recently releasing his first EP on all platforms called "Superstar Tendencies" having my favorite song by this artist on this EP called "Letter" it gained a little bit of traction on Soundcloud which he then starting really pushing his Tik Tok a lot more which is starting to get his name around a lot more as I mentioned above, you will also be hearing a song passed around his Tik Tok feed which his fans are already growing an obsession over named "Dear Diary". A song that I believe will really push Saint Montana to start growing, getting his name around the underground community a lot more.

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