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Artist Profile: Nxrvous

Herewith have an artist from Chicago, someone you want to put his music on in your car and go for a drive. We have a lot to talk about Nxrvous or formally known as Shelbs. An artist who is quite new to the scene. These "Artist Profile" articles I want to use to dig into the artist, will be digging into each artist that you will see a lot on this page. Let's start to dig into the music and journey of Nxrvous.

Let us start from the beginning. First, we have his debut single "OVER" which is his first song to hit 10k, starting to establish his sound like I said driving music. This is an artist where each song you can listen to when you are happy or sad. He has something for both feelings. Then going on a spree of dropping singles such as Lock. Which was his next single after Over. Then he dropped his fastest-growing song with Champ T called Chitown Weather. Which is now sitting at 40,000 plays on Spotify. Over the few months he has grown connections with people like; Sauce Only, Bangers Only, Poetics, Matthew Tuck, and a producer that works a lot with Promoting Sound named Stafford Beats.

Over these few months, Nxrvous has accumulated 100,000 streams and started to gro a name for himself, with his next drop being "Pizza Night". Which is an EP with an artist you may know if you have listened to Nxrvous before as they did a song together called Untilted Love. That artist being Kodiak, this is an EP you will want to mark on your calendar. July 23rd, these two are dropping a beautiful EP, that you will not be disappointed.

Yes, on July 23rd I absolutely am going to write an article about this EP. Make sure to tap in when this releases. As you will be hearing a lot about this artist on this website.

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