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Artist Profile: Gun Boi Kaz

Well, you already know a little about this artist as we recently wrote about him for his new music video "Nicotine". A track that is just continuously rising for this artist. I can't say this enough about how happy I am to see him achieve the attention he deserves. Each day you see him on a new blog, having someone shout him out or now even his Tik Tok rising. Everything that is happening to this artist over the last few weeks he deserves every second of it.

With his recent team-up in management through the afterparty project. Everything has been working out for him, from older songs proceeding to do well and now his new songs hitting new tiers of excellence. He continues his well-known partnership/friendship with his producer "Jai Beats". This group is not only forming a strong team but they have a family growing together they are winning together and in music, nothing feels better than to win with the people you love and care for. This type of scene is always put out there as "selfish" or the people are "rude", "aggressive" or, I have even heard people say "snobby". But once you have a strong core around you, everything changes about the feeling of the music industry and you forget about the negativity. You come to realize that some people are out there who just want to see people win.

This is all I see with this group, ever since the first drop from the afterparty project and Gun Boi Kaz "Walked Away". Each drop this artist has I'm always excited to cover it same goes for the entire team. You will be seeing a lot of articles from him, Xinclair, and anyone else that joins the afterparty project.

Make sure to stay tuned for his next upcoming release as this rising star will soon be on all of your playlists.

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