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Artist Of The Month: Contradash

Now we are in August, closing in on the first month of this blog being live. We now carry on with Contradash who is the new artist of the month, and he has had a busy 2021. Starting the year off with a simple single not waiting too long after for his first album drop. Which was dropped very early on in the year 2021. The album was named "Allstar" Which contained a 10 song tracklist. Listed below you will see the tracklist of his first album.

This was overall a great sample of each style contradash can tap into. Some of my favorite tracks on this were "pajamas" which was a slow melodic song that you wanna lay in bed with headphones in staring at the ceiling. Then "hi neighbor" gave me similar vibes as "blocked" which was the single that lifted the attraction towards contradash. A song that made you change moods the second you turned this uplifting track.

This album gave you every little piece of contradash until recently when we were opened to a whole new side. We were then given the hyper-pop side of contradash with his recent single "222pm". Right when you thought you knew contradash and the sound he wanted to dive into, he opens a new lane making you think what sound is he not able to do? He continues to show you the skill he has as an artist. Showing no sign of slowing down, I am excited to see how he ends off his first year being signed to Interscope.

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