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A Duo We Needed midwxst & whiterosemoxie Team Up With Hivemind On "ITACHI"

Two artists who have been on the rise recently but I never thought I needed these two on the same track if I am being honest. They are both talented individual's but after hearing these two I instantly wanted more. Teaming up on the production with Jay Cribbs, this was just the cherry on top for this slept-on hit.

Everything about this is perfect and just to make it better they team up with Hivemind to collab for the music video, as you see to the right this was a story from whiterosemoxie where he gave a hint to his fans along with midwxst's as well. I have always been a fan of the music video's Hivemind creates but this tops them all, the cartoon aspect they have blended nicely with the aesthetic of these two artists, and adding the touch of the duplication of midwxst when his Naruto line comes in brings a smile to my face.

This was a duo I didn't think would work, but they proved me wrong.

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