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404Vincent Hits Us With A Summer Classic "Pisces

You may have seen this Candian artist a lot across the scene of Fortnite with a few singles that may ring a bell including "Fuck School", "Talk A Lot, or "Dumb Luck". Recently signing to Sony Music Canada and having his first single "I Do This" was a sign of him separating himself from the Fortnite scene aiming to join the artists that reach a platform that many artists dream to hit. Having this single be self-produced he shows off the capability he has as an artist and producer.

This artist has been on a rise recently, sitting at 245,000 monthly listeners that isn't close to what this artist will be at in the next year as he continuously shows with each drop an improvement throughout 2021 we have seen 3 new singles from this artist. "Girlfriend", "I'm So Stressed" and now we are given a song that is a little bit more than just a level up. A song you can see across the radio and makes you more than just wanting a new song from him. It will make you dig through his entire discography for an endless amount of sounds he has created.

This is a new start for something amazing for 404vincent, it will be hard to miss his name.

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