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Zac Greer Releases his Debut EP "headaches"


Aug 30, 2020

Arizona native Zac Greer releases his debut EP "headaches" showing off his unique writing ability.

A few weeks ago during our search for new talent, this one song kept popping up - “Crazy” by Zac Greer, a name I had never heard of. I listened to the song over and over again absorbing every aspect of it. What made this song so good that I wanted to keep playing it was his ability to write, a part of music that is often overlooked nowadays. The ability to not only tell a story but to do so with passion and emotion is often hard to find in new artists that are solely focusing on creating a catchy hook and a hard beat.

The Arizona native dropped his debut EP “headaches” on August 27th featuring 4 songs including “Crazy”. Greer takes us on a a journey through a lifetime of his memories and emotions in 10 minutes of music. His ability to not only make amazing music that will touch his listeners but to also tell his story through his songs is what makes this project so impactful.

This is only the beginning for Zac Greer, you’re bound to see his name again. For now, go stream “headaches” everywhere!

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