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Kwe the Artist Drops his Sophomore Album "Stu"


Aug 31, 2020

Upcoming Florida Rapper, Kwe the Artist releases album "Stu" showing off his large array of sounds.

If you haven’t heard of Kwe the Artist, he is an upcoming artist, songwriter and producer out of Florida, who has one of the most versatile sounds we’ve heard in a while. Last week, Kwe dropped his Sophomore Album “Stu” which features a 10 song track list displaying his wide range of sounds. This is the first we’ve seen from Kwe since his last single “Erupt” which is featured on the album. However, he did not disappoint with this one, the shorter track list allows you to take in and appreciate every song. Almost anyone can find a Kwe song they like, and it is no different on the album, whether youre looking for something slower with more of an R&B vibe or an upbeat Young Thug type song, Kwe has it.
I can definitely see Kwe eventually making it onto the mainstream scene as not too many artists offer what he does. Once larger collectives or labels get a hold of Kwe there won’t be anything this man cant accomplish. Stay on the lookout for this artist you haven’t seen the last of him. Make sure to go stream “Stu” on all platforms!

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