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Detro Mighty EP "RUN"

Noah Moon

September 18th, 2020

Detro Mighty goes back into time with his EP "RUN"

Detro Mighty has dropped a new EP titled, “RUN” featuring 6 brand new songs. This is a new step for Detro as none of the songs on this EP sound like his usual music, and it’s a great breath of fresh air. Detro has ventured into the vein of Rock with “RUN” and his voice is a seamless fit overtop the drums and bass.

“RUN” is filled with songs that you can let your hair down to, it felt as if I was transported back to the era of Grunge Rock. The EP is filled with songs you can headbang to, with it feeling like the songs are straight out of Wayne’s World. Standouts from this EP are Make Them Bleed, Drop Dead, and Old Feelings with each having a distinctive sound showing the grasp Detro has of this genre. This EP is just a perfect mashup of Detro Mighty’s flow and versatility, if Detro continues to make music in this vein then there are plenty more bangers to come.

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