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Cosa Ky "The Other Half" Album

Noah Moon

September 18th, 2020

Cosa Ky Drops 18 Song Album

Cosa Ky dropped his album, “The Other Half” on all platforms today. Cosa Ky has been having a good 2020 dropping hits like Lady Lady (The Real Ones) and his album A Disaster & a Half. Recently hitting 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify this song is sure to help him rise.

An Artist that has gained traction from not only JukBox but bigger platforms like Promoting Sounds. With the strong Juice WRLD feel, he will be able to adapt to multiple sounds and In future projects you will find Cosa sending his viewers on a emotional trip through his projects just like he did on this one.

The Other Half is a perfect showing of what artist Cosa Ky is, he finds his sound and flourishes in it. The album contains 18 songs with Lady Lady, Binge, Twin Flame, and Champagne being standouts. Cosa may be new but he’s proved with this album that he has staying power, stay tuned to JukBox to see what he does next.

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